Below are a few suggestions for encouraging more reviews of one’s business. Some originate from my own personal experiences as an assessment site “super user” and some are simply good old-fashioned common sense. Your comments are welcome. Just no 1-star ratings please!

Participate in the very best review sites.

Not all review sites are produced equal. Search for those who have features to lessen fake reviews and give business owners tools for responding to reviews buy google reviews. Activate your company account and optimize your company listing (it’s free). By claiming your listing you’ll receive notices when new reviews are posted and traffic reports on what many users viewed your company page each week.

Be proactive with your entire reviews.

Thank your reviewers because of their feedback, both positive and negative, in a timely manner., the greatest review site, allows business owners to respond publicly or privately to your reviews. An individual message is a superb solution to acknowledge a customer and it shows you’re attending to as the company owner. Caution: don’t be rude or defensive in any way. I’ve seen this backfire big time each time a reviewer publicly posted the company owner’s rude response using their updated (and much more negative) review! Make sure to see my upcoming post on how to respond effectively to negative reviews.

Take advantage of offers on your listing page.

Some review sites such as for example Yelp allows businesses to post offers on the listing page. Since users of those sites are more probably be active reviewers themselves, you are directing your offer to the most effective online “influencers” ;.

Link to review sites on your website.

Include your website logo with your other social networking links, “Follow us on…” Again, I would only link to the absolute most responsible online review sites like Yelp.

Promote your presence on review sites.

Add a link in your e-newsletter, include it in your advertising and social networking pages. You can also blog about your reviews and link back again to the particular review page. Don’t let a couple of negative posts make you intend to run and hide. Your existing customer base obviously thinks well of you or they wouldn’t be doing business with you, so preach it to your choir!

Point-of-Sale signage.

Many review sites offer point of sale materials, such as for example static clings and stickers that retailers can attach with their door or cash register to promote their site.

Be active in the Online Community.

Be an active reviewer yourself. It’s an effective way to get knowledge of the city and fun to do! Just don’t review your own personal business or your competitors. You’ll likely get caught at it and the penalty isn’t with the risk.

Lastly, it is considered bad etiquette to directly solicit friends and customers for reviews. And quite frankly, this tactic may not do any good. Some review sites have developed algorithms to filter out reviews from one-time reviewers or those with incomplete profiles simply because they tend to be less credible or even fake. However, promoting your business’s presence on a certain review sites is a great practice and will naturally result in more and better quality reviews. Online reviews not merely benefit your website’s search engine optimization, your word of mouth advertising!

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