Two way radios are a necessary thing for communications between teams on the go. That’s why it would be best to invest in a good two way radio that meets your needs both in terms of usage and price. This is why you should always do what you can to ensure you get the best two way radio for your business.

What Is A Two Way Radio?


Two-way radio is a communication device that connects two or more devices. It has the ability to transmit and receive messages simultaneously through two different radios.


Where to pick the right one?


Established in 2004 in Shenzhen, Silicon Valley of China, INRICO, a two way radio supplier, is one of the world’s earliest and leading developers of push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) technologies. Inrico is dedicated to explore the evolution of the Inrico. From the earliest launch of PoC radio T199 to having been awarded the high-end enterprise as a two-way radio manufacturer, Inrico has grown fast and steadily with great expertise in the past 17 years. With all the experience, Inrico becomes the best two way radio supplier ever.


Guide on Choosing 2 Ways Radios for Business


As a trustworthy two way radio supplier, Inrico can perfectly meet your needs. Two way radio produced by Inrico is suitable for many scenes like public safety, municipality, transportation, property management, etc. For example, in the field of private safety, security guards rely heavily on their communications system to stay on top of everything. Their working environments include all the possible scenarios assigned by their clients, such as shopping centers, office buildings, campuses, factories, hospitals, etc. Inrico provides professional integrated intelligent communications and dispatching systems for the security team to fulfill their jobs.

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