If you’re managing a statewide classified newspaper advertising campaign you will find state newspaper associations offering great rates on nearly all the papers in your state. Discount newspaper advertising rates may be 30% – 50% – 70% off list, if you buy classified advertising throughout your state newspaper association. Yes, they’re that much cheaper.

State Associations is found online, in directories, and in “The Intelligent Testing System” – a program that offers specific reference data on classified advertising  pool result.It’s a compilation database of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all state newspaper associations in the U.S., along with all the current major national classified ad buying associations. It also incorporates the particular discount rates for just about any local paper published in the United States.

If you intend to learn how to place 100 to 10,000 classified ads nationwide with a single phone call at highly discounted rates, The Intelligent Testing System is the ultimate program on classified ads. You’ll see exactly where to purchase cheap newspaper advertising and how to get newspaper classified advertising in bulk at a discount.

Discount advertising rates abound in local newspaper advertising knowing how exactly to ask. If you’re just buying one ad onetime it’s pretty hard to get cheap newspaper advertising rates. But if you are an area retailer, your entire ads are likely to be local advertising. And chances are great that you’re placing more than the single ad, so you have A) good credibility and B) great negotiating power – so you’ll need to C) request a discount for all local ads your print advertisement campaign.

Everyone likes a successful ad – advertisers love it since it consistently brings in operation, the papers love it because if a client’s retail print advertising is successful, they’ll run it more often – perhaps forever. So request a discount for your print advertising rates, and here’s the way you start it.

Also referred to as “Standby space,” here is the unsold part of the newspaper left over right before the newspaper would go to press. Like a clear seat on an aircraft when the doorway is closing, newspaper advertising space is a perishable commodity. The newspaper publisher can’t leave it blank – it would appear as a bright hole in a dull page of print, so sometimes they’ll run a house ad for the newspaper, or sometimes a free of charge ad for a charity such as the United Way. But many times it’s sold, and anything covered it is much better revenue than a non-paid space. This could mean cheap and highly discounted newspaper advertising space ads for you.

Discount newspaper advertising rates is as high as 80% off list. That’s right, you may get cheap newspaper advertising space by paying 20 cents on the dollar by requesting “remnant space” or “standby space.” For the entire article on how to buy discount newspaper space please browse the book, Uncommon Marketing Techniques, or click through to your website as sometimes we feature this article inside our rotating article presentations.

Regardless of price you spend for your newspaper advertising rates, always request great placement of one’s ad in the FRONT of the paper, on the TOP of the page (called above the fold) and flush right – on the RIGHT HAND (outside position) of the RIGHT hand page. This is the highest visibility spot in the paper. Ads that are in the low part of the paper or buried in the gutter are much lower visibility and lose effectiveness from this poor placement.

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