High exudate wound dressings, used to treat extremely exudative wounds, provide better fluid control than conventional foam dressings, which helps to prevent exudate leakage and the development of adjacent skin ulcers. Winner Medical produces high-exudate wound care supplies of the highest caliber.

A high exudate wound dressing’s desirable qualities include the following:

High capacity for absorption

Keeping exudate leaks from happening

preventing the entry of exudate into the dressing

defends against skin aging and flaking

Suitable for prolonged use

minimizes discomfort and trauma during dressings changes.

Tight and comfortable fit, less prone to trigger allergies.

The need for high exudate wound dressings

In treating more serious oozing wounds, high exudate wound dressing has been demonstrated to effectively lower patient pain levels and greatly enhance patient quality of life.

Because they are made to absorb wound exudate, stop penetration, and lessen the need for frequent dressing changes, foam dressings are typically considered the most absorbent.

However, it is crucial to determine whether the current dressing can lessen the danger of peripheral skin maceration when the exudate level surpasses the absorptive capacity of a foam dressing. For instance, the necessity to switch to a high exudate wound dressing may be indicated by exudate leakage and excessive dressing changes.

Winner Medical‘s high exudate wound dressing is the top option for treating extremely exudative wounds because it has all of the qualities above.



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